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Returns, Exchanges and Price Adjustments

What is your return/exchange policy?


Generally, we accept returns or exchanges within 30 days after purchase. All returns with or without a receipt will be refunded back to the payment method used. There are a few exceptions, including, but not limited to, these examples, to the 30-day rule:

  • Unused/Unopened DVD’s, appliances and electronics must be returned/exchanged within 15 days with a receipt.
Items that may not be returned/exchanged:
    • Items that have expired during the Return Time Frame
    • Air Care Sprays/Hair Sprays where remaining contents cannot be determined
    • Canned Pop (12-pks. included)
    • Items purchased from KCO Garage Sales
    • Items purchased out of RESA Bargain Bins
    • Items purchased through a Special Order
    • Seasonal or Clearance Merchandise (this includes food marked down due to nearing expiration date)
    • Damaged Merchandise
    • Opened/Used Merchandise


    Can I return items I purchased off of your online store?

    Yes, the same restrictions apply to online returns as items purchased in store. You can bring the items back to the store or email us to work out a pickup in order to receive a refund. Refunds will be made to the payment method used. Discounts will be prorated across all items. If a free item was earned or given, this item also needs to be returned or the value forfeited on the return. 


    Can I return or exchange items without a receipt or online order number?

    Yes, but only if you are a customer with a KrazyRewards account. 



    • In the event a return/exchange is attempted without a receipt, we will try to look up your original purchase receipt using your account information.
    • If the customer does not have a KrazyRewards Account, we can not accept a return/exchange without a receipt or order number.
    • For returns of items purchased as part of a promotion, any discounts on the original purchase may be allocated appropriately when determining the value of the return.
    • For free item promotions, all items must be returned for full refund. If the free item is not returned, the pre-discount price of the free item will be prorated from the refund.
    • For instant savings or "buy x, save y" promotions, the amount saved will be prorated against all qualifying items and the refund of those items will be prorated.
    • All returns without a receipt will be refunded onto the customers store credit account.
    • Items purchased using an account charge cannot be returned/exchanged until that charge has been paid in full.
    • Please see above for additional details by product category.
    • We reserve the right to refuse or limit a return/exchange.
    If we believe that a customer is abusing the return policy in order to earn additional KrazyBucks Rewards, the KrazyBucks Rewards function on their KrazyRewards Account will be turned off.

    How do I find out about product recalls?

    Click here to see recent recalls:

    If we sell an item that is subsequently recalled, we will do everything that we can to notify you and offer you options as to how you can receive a refund or exchange.

    The price dropped after I purchased an item. What can I do?

    Price adjustments can be made up to seven days after you purchase an item. If the price goes down, use the Contact Us form to receive a refund in the payment method used.

    Items that earn free items with purchase, clearance items, items that earn Bonus KrazyBucks Rewards or items paid for entirely with earned KrazyBucks Rewards are not eligible for a price adjustment. Seasonal items are also excluded. 

    Price adjustment will change the KrazyBucks Rewards balance in your account.