Next 7/11 Van Born and Howe Rd. (12:30-1PM) or RESA Contactless Car (1-1:30PM) Delivery Day:
Wednesday, October 7th

Shipping and Delivery

What options are available for receiving my items?


Currently, we deliver to known local customers and Wayne RESA employees. Wayne RESA employees can have items delivered to their desk or car. Simply select the option you would like to use when you check out. Currently, we do not ship items through the mail.

If you would like to see if we can deliver to your home (known customers only), please use the Contact Us form to send a request. Order minimums and size restrictions may apply depending on your distance away.


How does local delivery work?


Contact us to see if local delivery is available in your area. Depending on how far away you live, an order minimum and/or delivery fee may apply.


I am a RESA employee, what options are available to me for receiving my items?


Delivery to car: We will place your items in your car for you at no extra charge. No minimum order at this time. We will get your keys and return them to you after delivery. Email subscribers can also add their car description and plate to their account, which will make it easier and faster for us to find your vehicle.
*Please keep the weather in mind when selecting Car Delivery - For example: if you order food items like chocolate, we are not responsible if they melt in your vehicle on a hot day. For these items, please select Office Delivery.
Delivery to Office: We will deliver your items to your office at no extra charge. No order minimum at this time. Please note that large and/or heavy items will not be brought into the building. This includes large paper products.


You can see the next Office/Car Delivery date at the top of every page on the website. We try to come to RESA at least once a week, but please note that holidays may affect delivery.
Please note: if we are unable to locate you in the building and you selected Car Delivery or have large items that we feel shouldn't be brought into the building, we may have to skip your delivery and push it back to the next available day. If you selected Car Delivery and have a smaller order, we may put the items in your office if we are unable to locate you to get your car keys. This will be decided on a case by case basis.