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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Breakfast Cereal 12 oz.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Breakfast Cereal 12 oz.

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Crispy, sweetened whole wheat and rice cereal. Cinnamon and sugar in every bite. General Mills & whole grain. All General Mills cereals are made with whole grain! Good source of whole grain. 12 Vitamins & minerals. Good source calcium. 130 Calories per serving. 9 Out of 10 Americans aren't getting enough whole grain. Whole grain packs a powerful punch. The plant nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber in whole grain work together to help keep you healthy! Aim for at least 3 servings of whole grain each day. The same taste you know and love with whole grain. How do I find whole grain cereals? General Mills is making it easy to find whole grain. Start your day the healthy whole grain way! The cereal bonus! Eating cereal is a healthy habit for kids! A recent study of children's diets suggests that kids who frequently eat cereal are more likely to have healthier body weights than those who don't. Same great taste! Strong bones! Are you getting enough calcium? Calcium is critical to help kids' bones grow strong and adult bones stay strong. Choose cereals with General Mills symbol to get the bone building benefits of calcium. Exchange: 1 1/2 Starch. Exchange calculations based on the Exchange Lists for Meal Planning. Copyright 2003 the American Dietetic Association, the American Diabetes Association.