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CVS Health Thin Pantiliners Fresh Scent 20 ct.

CVS Health Thin Pantiliners Fresh Scent 20 ct.

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  • Soft, cloth-like covering
  • Incredibly thin, absorbent and comfortable
  • Fresh scent
  • For everyday protection
  • Adhesive strip for a secure fit
  • Individually wrapped, clean, discreet and practical
  • Compare to Always® Pantiliners Thin. Always is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company.

You can approach each day feeling fresh, dry and confident with our incredibly thin CVS Health Pantiliners. Designed to be soft, comfortable and absorbent, these liners are a great way to help feel protected against the unexpected as part of your daily feminine hygiene routine.

These pantiliners offer both comfort and absorbency so you can go about your day feeling clean and protected from life's little surprises. The fresh scent helps control odors.

Our pantiliners have a cloth-like covering designed to give you soft comfort, helping make it easy to forget they're even there. A convenient adhesive strip helps hold the pantiliner securely in place in your panties as you move about.

Individually wrapped, our pantiliners can give you convenient, discreet protection. Keep one in your purse or gym bag for those times when you may need one for complete peace of mind protection.

Open pouch and remove pad. Keep pouch for disposal. Remove center peel strip from pad and press into panties.


Important: Keep plastic bag away from children. Do not flush.