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CVS Health Travel First Aid Kit Antibacterial Essentials 30 Piece

CVS Health Travel First Aid Kit Antibacterial Essentials 30 Piece

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  • Ideal for cleaning cuts and scrapes
  • Includes antibacterial fabric bandages
  • Convenient take-along compact case
  • 30-piece first aid kit

You can experience minor cuts, scrapes, and other injuries at any time, and they often happen in the most unexpected and inconvenient situations. Making sure that you are prepared to treat this type of injury is important for avoiding infections and helping your body heal properly. This CVS Health Travel First Aid Kit contains everything you need to treat common scrapes and cuts properly.

In this 30-piece kit, you will find two antiseptic wipes to clean out a cut, two sterile pads, four sheer spot bandages, four large sheer bandages, four fabric antibacterial bandages, four waterproof antibacterial bandages, and ten sheer bandages. No matter what situation you are in, if you experience a minor cut or scrape, you will be able to perform basic first aid to help ensure you can keep going. For most types of cuts and scrapes, the treatment you can complete with this kit will be all that is required to allow it to heal quickly and without any infections or other problems.

Purchase this simple first aid kit so that you have it where you need it. Many people will purchase multiple kits and keep one in the home, one at work, one in the car, and one in an overnight bag. Of course, you can decide where you will be most likely to need this type of first aid care and keep it around. Buy this kit at your local CVS Pharmacy or order it online today.