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Schick Hydro5 Ultimate Comfort 5-Blade Disposable Razors 3 ct.

Schick Hydro5 Ultimate Comfort 5-Blade Disposable Razors 3 ct.

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Some guys like being pampered. Our Ultimate Comfort disposable razors for men cushion and protect your skin, so you can shave comfortably without the irritation. If you're looking for Xtreme Precision Trim razors, you're in the right place - they're now known as Schick Ultimate Comfort razors. 

  • Our longest lasting blades - If you shave 3X a week, one razor can last you up to an entire month. 
  • Moisturizes during and after - Hydrates while you shave and keeps skin moisturized for up to 2 hours after. 
  • Ancient, time-tested ingredient - Formulated with Japanese rice bran oil and specially designed for shaving dry skin. 
  • Prioritizing protection - Dermatologist-tested and equipped with Skin Guards on all 5 blades for a close shave that minimizes friction and irritation. 
  • Built-in trimmer - A simple flip-back precision trimmer takes care of the details in hard-to-reach places. 
  • Sustainable - A handle made with 66% recycled plastic, packaging made with 84% recycled plastic, and when you're done, you can send it back to us to be recycled. Just visit for full details.