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Scott Paper Towels Choose-a-Sheet 6 Mega Rolls

Scott Paper Towels Choose-a-Sheet 6 Mega Rolls

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  • 1-ply paper towels with unique ridges to quickly absorb messes and spills
  • 6 mega rolls = 9 regular rolls
  • Multi-purpose, multi-surface Scott Paper Towels are extra durable and provide a streak-free clean
  • Scott Mega Roll Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels are available in 1 roll, 2 roll, 6 roll, 8 roll, 10 roll, 12 roll and 15 roll packages
  • No more inconvenient store runs. Shop online and get Scott Paper Towels conveniently delivered.
  • Packaging may vary from image shown
Messes happen. Be prepared with Scott Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels. These multi-purpose, multi-surface paper towels with a unique ridge design are extra durable to help you tackle any size mess with confidence. Use one super-absorbent sheet for quick spills, or take a few more to tackle bigger messes. These versatile, 1-ply paper towels quickly absorb splatters and splashes in the kitchen, bathroom, office or on-the-go in your car. Scott Towels are a trusted household essential because they provide a fast, streak-free clean at a great value. For all life’s real moments, choose Scott Paper Towels.