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Coupons, Promo Codes and KrazyBucks Rewards

How do I use Coupons and KrazyBucks Rewards on the website?


Enter the promo code on the checkout page to redeem an offer. Only one offer (coupon or KrazyBucks Rewards) can be used per order. 


Why am I getting an error when using a promo code?


Make sure that your promo code is not expired and that you have the correct products and quantities in your cart. If you think that we made a mistake and that a promo code should be working, please contact us.

KrazyBucks Rewards codes expire 30 days after they are issued to the customer through the redemption of reward points.


Can I apply more than one coupon or KrazyBucks Reward?


Only one promo code can be used per online order. If you would like to use more than one promotion, submit multiple orders and I will condense them into one when I fulfill them. Overlapping deals will not apply to the same items. Automatic savings offers act as a promo code can cannot be combined with any other offers at this time.



What items are excluded from promo codes and KrazyBucks Reward redemptions?


Gift cards, RESA Bargain Bins, eBay purchases and selected other items are excluded from all promo codes.


How do I earn KrazyBucks Rewards?


You earn 10 base points per dollar spent on the site. Once you reach a minimum of 500 points, you can redeem them for a KrazyBucks Reward promo code that can be used as a credit toward almost anything on the site. 

You can also save your points and use them later for KrazyBucks Rewards of a higher value. 

Reward points expire after 90 days of website inactivity, and KrazyBucks Rewards (once purchased with points) expire 30 days after issuance. 

Special pricing (including bulk item pricing), RESA Bargain Bins, Gift Cards and select other items are exempt from earning KrazyBucks Rewards.

If merchandise purchased earning KrazyBucks Rewards is subsequently returned or price adjusted, your KrazyBucks Rewards may be removed from your account and your spending balence will be updated accordingly. Return value of merchandise purchased with KrazyBucks Rewards may be subject to adjustment. KrazyBucks Rewards are not transferrable and must be redeemed by the account they were issued to. No cash back if KrazyBucks Rewards exceed the value of the item(s) purchased.