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KrazyBucks Rewards

A new way to save with KrazyBucks Rewards!

Have complete control over your rewards with new features. Earn Reward Points on every purchase and redeem them for KrazyBucks Rewards, which can be used as free money off your next purchase!


Here's how to save:

1.  Create an account on the site. Click on the "KrazyBucks Rewards" tab below to create an account and get started. Reward points are tracked based on the email entered at checkout. While you do not need to be signed in to receive them, you will need to use the same email for every purchase.

2.  Buy and earn. You earn Reward Points on every purchase you make.

  • Earn 10 Reward Points per dollar you spend on the site

  • Earn Bonus Reward Points on select products in your monthly ad

  • Earn 500 Reward Points on your birthday 

  • RESA-Exclusive: Earn 250 Reward Points per employee you refer when they spend $5 or more on the site (limit four referrals per year, new customers only)

  • and more coming soon!

3. Redeem your Reward Points for KrazyBucks Rewards! 

  • Visit the "KrazyBucks Rewards" tab and sign in to see how many Reward Points you have available. 

  • Click on the "Redeem Rewards" tab to redeem your Reward Points for KrazyBucks Rewards. Select any amount from 500 Reward Points (for $5) to 3,000 Reward Points (for $30). Click on the amount that you would like and hit "Redeem".

  • If you have enough points, you will immediately receive a promo code for the amount of KrazyBucks Rewards that you requested. Simply enter this promo code at checkout to receive your savings. A copy of the promo code will also be sent to your email if you are not making the purchase immediately. 

  • Don't wait too long after you redeem your points! The KrazyBucks Rewards promo code will be valid for 30 days.

Common questions:

Do my reward points expire?

Reward points expire after 90 days of website inactivity. Simply make a purchase at least once in that 90 day time frame to keep your points in your account. After a purchase is made, the 90 day clock starts over again.

I forgot the password to my account, what can I do?

Simply click the "Forgot Password" tab on the login page to reset your password.

Why must I have an account to receive rewards?

Rewards track based on your individual account, and you must be logged in to receive them.

I forgot to sign in, can I still receive my points?

If you used the same email as the one on your rewards account, you should have received your reward points. If you feel that you did not receive the points that you were owed, email us and we will credit points to your account.

I like to email you my order, will I still earn points if I don't use the website?

Yes, your emailed order will be placed on the site and emailed to you. To redeem reward points, you will need to use the website to receive KrazyBucks Rewards. In order to remain fair to all customers, only one promotion/promo code can be used per email order, just like on the website.

I was a member of the previous Spend $50, Get $5 reward program and had money tracking toward my next reward, do I lose my balance?

As of 2/28/2018, any spending balance you had toward the previous reward program has been forfeited. We gave customers 90 days to create an account and have their spending transferred over but unfortunately that purchase information is no longer available.

How do I see if I received my points for a Bonus Offer?

Click on the "KrazyBucks Rewards" tab at the bottom of the page and select the "My Rewards" page. This page will list all of your activity in the rewards program, and will show you all of the offers that earned you points. 

If I return an item, what happens to my points?

A return will result in a decrease of points in your account. If you already redeemed your points for KrazyBucks Rewards, this may cause your balance to go negative. You will still be able to redeem the KrazyBucks Rewards code that you received, but you will have to earn enough points to make your account go positive before you can earn another reward. If we find that a customer is abusing the reward program by repeatedly returning items after redeeming rewards, the KrazyBucks Rewards function on their individual account will be turned off. 

I have more questions, what can I do?

Simply use the Contact Us page above to ask a question about the new rewards program. We are always here to help.

Valid for online purchases only. Track your point balance on the site. Points are added to your account once your order is fulfilled. Once you earn at least 500 points, redeem for a KrazyBucks Reward code that you can use to get money off a purchase on the website. Promo code is valid for one time use and cannot be combined with any other offers. Reward Points expire after 90 days of site inactivity and KrazyBucks Rewards, once issued, expire 30 days from the date that they were issued. KrazyBucks Rewards are valid online only and cannot be combined with any other offers. If merchandise purchased earning KrazyBucks Rewards is subsequently returned or price adjusted, your KrazyBucks Rewards may be removed from your account and your spending balence will be updated accordingly. Return value of merchandise purchased with KrazyBucks Rewards may be subject to adjustment. KrazyBucks Rewards are not transferrable and must be redeemed by the account they were issued to. No cash back if KrazyBucks Rewards exceed the value of the item(s) purchased. Returning items will result in a withdraw of points from your account, and may even make your account go negative.