Next 7/11 Van Born and Howe Rd. (12:30-1PM) or RESA Car/Curbside (1-1:30PM) Delivery Day:
Thursday, May 19th

Delivery Options

This website is for customers working at Wayne RESA and local friends/family in Southeast Michigan. We do not ship orders.

I am a RESA employee, what options are available for receiving my items?

Van Born and Howe Rd. Pickup

We'll be available during a 30-minute pickup window in front of the One Stop Pharmacy at the corner of Van Born and Howe Rd. Pull in next to us and we'll put your order in your vehicle. If you select Cash on Delivery (COD), we'll also collect any balance due. 

RESA Car Delivery

We'll call/text you using the provided phone number during our 30-minute delivery window and ask you to come outside and unlock your vehicle. You can also unlock it from your office or with your mobile device if possible. We'll then place your order in your vehicle and lock it for you. If you select Cash on Delivery (COD), you'll need to come outside and pay your balance. 

RESA Curbside

When you place your order, select an applicable Curbside option at checkout (Front, Rear or Annex). We'll call/text you using the provided phone number during our 30-minute delivery window and meet you outside at the location you selected. We'll hand the items off to you and, if Cash on Delivery (COD) was selected, collect any balance due.

We're not entering the building under any circumstance. Therefore, if we're unable to reach you using the contact method provided, we may push your delivery to the next available delivery day.

I was referred to your site by a RESA employee, can I order from you and pickup at RESA?

While we're happy to offer our deals to as many customers as possible, we won't meet anyone at RESA who isn't an employee. If you would like to order, we can give your items to the RESA employee who referred you and they can facilitate getting the items to you. Please contact us to discuss other options for receiving your order, including meeting at an offsite location or local delivery.

I am a local delivery customer, what options are available for receiving my items?

Please contact us to see if local delivery is available to you. If you are near us or one of our delivery locations, we should be able to offer you free delivery. Please note that, depending on your location, an order minimum or delivery charge may be required. 

Do you offer shipping?

We do not ship orders - all orders placed by anyone outside of Michigan or from someone we do not recognize will be promptly cancelled and refunded.